Cheap payday loans are they a good idea?

Cheap payday loans Cheap loans are becoming more and more popular among many companies coming in to the market, creating stringent competition. While deciding to look for a loan your main consideration should be how to save money. How to Select Cheap Loans The main consideration when you look for a cheap loan is the […]

Secured Loans and the Credit Crunch

Credit Crunch? The recent credit crunch has had a major effect on the secured loan market. Read more at¬† Several Lenders have pulled out and many have tightened their criteria, which means that it is now more difficult to get a secured loan, especially If you are looking to Self certify and have no proof […]


VIEW SELECTION OF MORTGAGE AND LOAN PLANS A fee is payable only on completion, typically 0.5% of the mortgage amount and will not exceed ¬£750 . The overall cost for comparison is 6.4% APR. The actual rate will depend on your circumstances Early repayment charge may apply. This will vary depending on the mortgage you […]

What are the kinds of insurance?

There are two major types of insurance. The life and non-life insurance. The life insurance, protects the family of the person in case something happens to him. When a person who is insured dies, the money that he insured will be given to the beneficiary that he has chosen. The non-life insurance is an insurance […]

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Do you provide advice on choice of investment?

We are happy to answer generic questions about a product under this service but are unable to give advice on the suitablity of that plan for you. eg. We can answer a question like “What is the allocation rate on the Prudential Prospects Bond?” but cannot answer personal questions like “Is a bond right for […]