How much discount do you provide?

Bond investments On Bond investments we take just 1% commission. All the remaining commission is used to boost the allocation rate on your chosen bond – which means you could benefit from up to 6.25% extra added to your investment on day one. We take no annual ‘trail’ commission on your bond as this would […]


Benefits of arranging an investment through Investment Direct

What is the benefit of arranging an investment through Investment Direct rather than going direct to the product provider? Quite simply, the accountant we provide is not available if you invest directly with the product provider, as the company would retain the commission we use to enhance your investment. Your investment is in no way […]


How to submit your application?

1. Obtain the application form using the link above or by telephoning us to request forms by post. 2. Send your completed application together with a cheque and evidence of identification to: Cheques should be payable to the product provider (not us) and have your name written on the back of the cheque. Evidence of […]


How does our discount work?

When you submit your application via ourselves we instruct the product provider to ‘sacrifice’ the bulk of commission that would normally be paid to a financial adviser. This is added to your investment by either enhancing the ‘allocation rate’ on the bond or by simply increasing the amount invested. In either case, you gain the […]