How to submit your application?


1. Obtain the application form using the link above or by telephoning us to request forms by post.

2. Send your completed application together with a cheque and evidence of identification to:

Cheques should be payable to the product provider (not us) and have your name written on the back of the cheque. Evidence of identification is also needed for each applicant in accordance with Money Landering guidance (just the same as when you open a bank account). Without ID the insurer will not accept your application. Occasionally we can identify people using computer checks but this is not always possible. Therefore to avoid delays we request the following for each applicant. Please send a copy of one from each list:

Passport orDriving Licence or Inland Revenue Tax Notification or State Pension Letter

plus one of the following showing your current address:

Recent mortgage statement or recent bank statement or recent council tax bill or recent utility bill (not mobile phone) or driving licence (if not used above) or house insurance certificate or motor insurance certificate.

Thank you for your cooperation and for using Investment Direct. Please contact us should you have any queries.

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